Conferences and training

Expert events designer and organiser
  • Programme director Internet Librarian International
  • Development and administration of training programme for UKeiG
  • Development and administration of User Experience 2-day conference
  • Previously head of training and learning at TFPL
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Projects and clients

Information Today Europe – content strategy, content commissioning, feature and news writing, editing, blogging, tweeting, social media presence, event reporting
Business Information Review – content strategy, content commissioning, editing, proofreading, editorial writing, blogging, tweeting, social media management
Internet Librarian International (annual conference) – programme shaping and development, marketing, speaker liaison, social media management
UKeiG – administration services, committee support and management, training programme development

Information Industry Expertise

My focus is on the ‘I’ of IT. This includes working in publishing, libraries and information services

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Latest Tweets Latest Tweets

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