About Val Skelton

Information Industry ExpertiseI am a writer, editor and events designer and manager with over 20 years’ experience in the information industries.

I have a background in libraries, publishing, training and development and business consultancy.


My projects include:

Information Today Europe – content strategy, content commissioning, feature and news writing, editing, blogging, tweeting, social media presence, event reporting

Business Information Review – content strategy, content commissioning, editing, proofreading, editorial writing, blogging, tweeting, social media management

Internet Librarian International (annual conference) – programme shaping and development, marketing, speaker liaison, social media management

UKeiG – administration services, committee support and management, training programme development

Content writing, editing and content marketing

I specialise in commissioning, authoring and editing content – including news storiesfeatures and blog posts for Information Today Europe and editorial content and blog posts for Business Information Review.

I co-authored TFPL’s Knowledge and Information Management Competency Dictionary and Knowledge and Information Skills Toolkit.


As programme director of the annual conference Internet Librarian International, I am responsible for the shaping of a three-day programme which focuses on innovation and technology for libraries.

For UKeiG I am responsible for the development and administration of a national training programme designed to meet the challenges facing information professionals in digital workplaces. Includes identifying gaps in the programme, sourcing trainers and ensuring the programme is profitable and high quality.

For a group of user design experts I organise an annual two-day conference, including sponsor negotiation, programme design, vendor management and delegate administration.

For a high-profile industry expert, I help him market and administrate a programme of masterclasses.

At TFPL I was the head of training and learning, which involved developing and managing a programme of public access training courses and developing in-house and consultative training projects.

Information industry expertise

I began my career as a library assistant before moving into publishing, first at Times Books and then at Bowker-Saur where I was responsible for the library and information science list of books and journals.

I worked with information professionals in all sectors during my time at TFPL.  I participated in large research projects and consultancy projects.

My current clients include Information Today and UKeiG.  I am also the co-editor of the quarterly journal Business Information Review.