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The use of social media in the library

Taylor and Francis White Paper explores current practices and future opportunities for social media in libraries. Research was conducted with focus groups of librarians in India, the UK and the US and followed up with desk research, a Twitter party

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Transforming information access using QR codes

In Australia a library service provides ambulance workers with rapid access to critical information. Imagine you are an Australian ambulance worker on the front line of critical care.  Your patient has suffered a suspected insect bite and you need to

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Dangerous and negative selfies

Elizabeth Daniels* studies the effect of media on the body image.  She says that young women are often pressurised to portray themselves as sexy.  Daniels set up two Facebook profiles. They were identical in everything but their profile picture.  Although

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Privacy, social media and lavatories

In the United States advisors to the White House have published their review of internet privacy and are calling for an Internet Privacy Bill of Rights.  Is ‘privacy’ possible in the era of big data and social media? Twitter is

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Twitter: from communication to content

In 2010, Twitter positioned itself as “a network powered by people … around the world… that lets you share and discover what’s happening now”.  By 2012 this had shifted to “a real-time information network that connects you to the latest

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Interactive Europe – lessons from advertising

74% of smartphone owners have interacted with brands through ‘out of home advertising’. Consumer behaviour, enabled by mobile technologies, is changing.  Customers are conducting price comparisons, reading review sites and engaging with brands in new ways.  Just like librarians (and

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Using social media tools to disseminate academic research

There are many reasons for taking the measurement of academic impact seriously, particularly in the current economic climate. Nicola Dandridge, Chief Executive of Universities UK and speaking at The Future of Academic Impact conference, reminded the audience that the public

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Children and apps

Apps for and used by children have been in the news recently. In the UK a five year old managed to run up a bill of £1,710.43 in paid for add-ons for a game which he had downloaded free from Apple’s app

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