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Gaming – not just child’s play

In the UK, more women are playing video games than men. Research from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) in the UK has revealed that women now constitute the majority of gamers and that there are more gamers over the age

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Dangerous and negative selfies

Elizabeth Daniels* studies the effect of media on the body image.  She says that young women are often pressurised to portray themselves as sexy.  Daniels set up two Facebook profiles. They were identical in everything but their profile picture.  Although

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Workplace trends – meet the no-collar workers

There are already, according to the latest estimates, 40 million millennials in the American workforce.  A recent MTV study set out to understand what drives and motivates this generation at work. Meet the no-collars The no-collar generation is looking for

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How to be happy – love, friendship and altruism

The Grant Study is a 75-year longitudinal study of Harvard graduates (1939-1944) and ‘disadvantaged’ youths growing up in Boston (1940-1945).  All white American men, the subjects were followed for 68 years.  One of the Harvard graduates was John F Kennedy.

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Public access to ICT: Another reason why libraries matter!

The Technology and Social Change Group of the University of Washington’s Library School published its report of the five-year project exploring the impact of public access to ICT around the world. The results show the impact that public libraries and

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