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Transforming information access using QR codes

In Australia a library service provides ambulance workers with rapid access to critical information. Imagine you are an Australian ambulance worker on the front line of critical care.  Your patient has suffered a suspected insect bite and you need to

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Public access to ICT: Another reason why libraries matter!

The Technology and Social Change Group of the University of Washington’s Library School published its report of the five-year project exploring the impact of public access to ICT around the world. The results show the impact that public libraries and

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New York shooting – citizen journalists on the scene

On September 15th 2013 (as reported in the New York Times), police officers confronted an ‘agitated’ individual and used their firearms, missing the suspect but injuring two bystanders.  After the incident, The New York Times was able to identify the (unarmed) individual, name the

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Children and apps

Apps for and used by children have been in the news recently. In the UK a five year old managed to run up a bill of £1,710.43 in paid for add-ons for a game which he had downloaded free from Apple’s app

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