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Workplace trends – meet the no-collar workers

There are already, according to the latest estimates, 40 million millennials in the American workforce.  A recent MTV study set out to understand what drives and motivates this generation at work. Meet the no-collars The no-collar generation is looking for

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Measuring the digital economy

Research suggests the government is seriously underestimating the size of the UK’s digital economy. A report by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research (NIESR) commissioned by Google sets out to establish the true size of the UK’s digital

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Digital natives, digital immigrants and the information professional

It is now over ten years since Mark Prensky coined the terms ‘digital natives’ and ‘digital immigrants’ and called for changes in education and teaching to reflect the new digital landscape. The terms were easy to understand. We all knew

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Flexible working arrangements and the talent pool

New technologies and working practices should mean that many people can work at a time, and from a location, of their choosing.  But what is the real picture? Catalyst has been conducting a longitudinal study of ‘high potential’ graduates of

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