Workplace trends – meet the no-collar workers

There are already, according to the latest estimates, 40 million millennials in the American workforce.  A recent MTV study set out to understand what drives and motivates this generation at work.

Meet the no-collars

The no-collar generation is looking for meaning at work – younger workers want to be able to connect deeply with their work. It is this desire for ‘meaning’ that can be misinterpreted as laziness, pickiness, or self-importance.  The no-collars expect to be happy and fulfilled in the workplace and the research found that half of the respondents felt they would rather not have a job at all than have a job they hated.  Loving what they do outranked monetary rewards. Key findings

  • 95% are motivated to work      harder when they know ‘where their work is going’
  • 93% want a job where they      can’be themselves’.
  • 89% agree it’s important to      be constantly learning at work
  • 83% want jobs that value      their creativity
  • 71% want their co-workers to      be ‘second family’
  • 65% believe they should be      mentoring older co-workers on technology
  • 60% say if they can’t find a      job they want, they will try to create their own job

You can read the full article at Information Today Europe here.

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